Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Infant of the Sword

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I am sharing some free short stories at WATTPAD.  is one I really want to talk about right now.

The story above is one inspired by a male pedophile at my elementary school. He preyed on young boys. It sounds was almost grossly cliche to mention that he was involved with the Boy Scouts as well as the gym teacher at our school for 15 years. The worst part is, like so many other stories (IE Penn State, Jimmy Saville), for YEARS many people knew this creep was a perv, but did nothing. All the kids could do was warn each other.

My skin still crawls at the mention of his name.

His case is before the courts now. His well-deserved mugshot was plastered on the front page of the Toronto Sun well over a year ago and currently a publication ban in in place. Six of victims came forward three decades later to file charges. This is very a difficult and very brave thing to do. Victims are often blamed, disbelieved, or worse, harassed to the point of suicide. The pain affects victims for the entire lives. Many are never told that it wasn't ever their fault. And if they do file a complaint, and manage get the xase into court,  the pedophile is often given an insultingly light sentence.

Theo Fleury, former NHL hockey player was sexually abused by his coach.
His abuser was given an appalling short prison term.

"In 2009 Theo wrote the best selling novel, “Playing With Fire” in which he tells his story of a troubled home life, years of sexual abuse, coping with pain through drugs and alcohol, overcoming addiction, as well as his meteoric rise and descent in the NHL.
Telling his story enabled Theo to share his darkest moments and to ultimately offer hope and help to the 1 in 5 boys who are sexually abused in Canada. He understands the fear, the pain and the ruined lives of those who are victimized by sexual predators."

Theo is raising awareness for Child Sexual Abuse.
Find out more at or Theo's twitter feed is

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