Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Mother of all PR mistakes....

So, a hardworking single mom of four kids was fired from her job at Tim Horton’s this week for giving a free Timbit to a fussy baby in a kind-hearted effort to help out a fellow mom.... the week before mother’s day.

In MY town, of London, Ontario, no less!!

This story hits the local news this morning... then went National...then International.
It even made

Sandra Ruttan has already blogged about this, but here's my 16 cents on the matter...

When I heard about this, I was mightily annoyed. Inspired by Wendy Aaron’s letter ( to Proctor and Gamble, I put out and fired off this letter the Tim Horton’s HQ: (Before Nicole was offered her job back)

Tim Hortons Corporate Head Office
874 Sinclair Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 2Y1

Baseline/Wharncliff location in London & cracking down on /mercilessly firing employees who dare to be nice to babies.

Dear poor bastard in charge of cleaning up the PR disaster of the

I’ll just skip past the whole “what the HELL was Manager Nicole
Mitchell thinking??!!” and forgo the sarcastic ‘WAY TO GO GUYS!’ portion of
this letter. I’m sure you have already had your fill of that.

This note is simply to inform you that I shall not be patronizing Tim
Hortons for the rest of my natural life, and dollars to donuts, I
strongly doubt I will be the only one.

To dismiss an employee of three years for the trench level PR
initiative of offering a Timbit to an infant of a regular customer is
an example of complete asshattery. It really boggles the mind. Nicole
Lilliman should have been given a warning, even docked the princely sum
of 16 cents at the very most.

But firing a long time employee & mom of four for a Timbit? No warning?
No “don’t let it happen again?”

Wow. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at your next shareholders meeting. It
ought to be epic.

E. Ann Bardawill

Since this story broke, Lilliman has had other jobs offers, which I hope she will take.
She deserves so much better than that.
Please note, it was not the owner of r the store who turfed her, but the store manager.

The 3 managers who made her sign a document stating she was a 'thief' are, I dearly hope, going to be Boston Cremed, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

And that smell? Tim Horton spinning in his grave.

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Chumplet said...

I heard about this too, but not until after she got her job back.

The report said that manager received a stern lecture.

This is one Tim Horton's story that won't make the commercials.